Access to all areas with comfort and elegance, stair lifts!


More than an elegant item…

Are there babies in your house? Maybe some family members are old or infirm? Do you live in a multi-leveled house? Would you like people to freely and comfortably move around your office, company and/or home?

Well, if you have answered yes to on some of these questions, then installing a stair lift or home elevator may be the right thing to do in your place.

Study the one you need and get it

Professionals and companies worldwide have been working in the designing and final creation of machines and devices to make our life a lot easier.

ACME Home Elevator, for example, has been able to meet everyone’s expectations as some of the pioneer in the construction of home elevators or stairway lifts. In the case of a stair lift, they know how important it is for some people to get more comfort and safe to their homes. A chair lift, as it is also called, would then be the best option to take.

If it is about their characteristics, they can run on either side of the stairs, they can take an inside or outside curve and maneuver through landings, they can easily manage 90 and 180-degree turns; as said, they can satisfy any clients’ needs. Also, there are models that have been thought to bear outdoor conditions and many other elements as thought to the clients’ requirements

Technology is taking you up!

With these things being very important to you and your family, thinking about small details is the most important thing to do. Have your loved ones protected, safe and in comfort with all the equipment you need at home.

Waste no time and provide the comfort and elegance that your place is in the need of with a beautiful and very functional stair lift or elevator.


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