A revolutionary medicine, an antibiotic, Colloidal Silver!

The remedies you need

From the most important things to take care in our health is to trust in our doctor and in the medicine we are prescribed. For centuries, even millenniums, science and doctors have been working hard to satisfy the needs of a community that presents new diseases and illnesses every time. Science has provided everyone with medicines virtually every illness there is, and every day they are creating new ones or updating the ones existing to make people healthier or take them out of a health problem. Now, from the most common sicknesses there are, the ones related to viruses or bacteria are the ones with more options in the market. Antibiotics for different health problems have been created, and doctors are prescribing them so people get cured. Some very effective ones have been kept in the market and very successfully have been outstanding among the rest.


The best doctors’ advice

One medicine that has been great to have around and that has had many people requesting for it is argent colloïdal as it is called in Europe, or Colloidal Silver as Americans know it. This has been of great help for many people suffering of some viruses and bacterial illnesses and it’s been in the market for such a long time due to its positive reviews and great effect on curing people who are sick.

Either for those who prefer ionic silver, which is dissolved in water, or the ones who like colloidal silver, that consists of suspended particles in water, it is said that ionic silver is much more effective than colloidal silver. The solution that many are buying and giving to their health everyday consists of 96% ionic silver, the remaining part is colloidal silver, this all proven by many very prestigious and serious analysis conducted.

Ionic colloidal silver is an aqueous solution composed of purified water and silver in two forms: ionic (silver dissolved in water) and colloidal (suspended particles in water). Why silver? Well, silver is well known for its powerful antimicrobial properties, it kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes in several ways, all leading to deactivation of the DNA and bacterial proteins without causing tissue damage.


A concentrated solution for long-lasting effectiveness

Taking medication that has been proven to be effective for any type of disease of cases that other medicine does not attack properly is just the best advertisement that Colloidal Silver may have. Take your time, research and see yourself how good it is for you to have at hand great medicine like this and be healthy again in the blink of an eye to enjoy your life in the company of your loved ones.


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