What exactly is Balneotherapy? And should you even consider it as part of a medical treatment?

I know, some people might immediately discard everything related to alternative medicine but come on, how can you know you don’t like something if you have not even tried it right? I think this is one of the cases that apply. Before, you immediately discard alternative medicine, you should at least give it a chance and then, decide whether you think it would really help you in treating a medical condition or not. I mean let’s just face it, some stuff works for some people and for others it does not. In this article, I want to show you what exactly one of these alternative medicine treatments are and how it can possibly help you. it is called Balneotherapy and here is everything you need to know about it!

What is it?

Water can be so healing and therapeutic right? Have you ever gotten in a Jacuzzi and just wanted to stay there for hours and hours until you pass out from relaxing so much? I know I have! Well this is an alternative medicine treatment in which hot water is used as a way to treat the patient as it is believed that water, specifically hot water, have lots of minerals in it that are capable of healing a patient as these mineral represent relief in the medical sense for the patient.

Now, where did people go to get this treatment?

You can obviously see that you cannot simple get into a Jacuzzi to get this type of treatment as there are no minerals contained in this Jacuzzi. So, you need to get your traveling on if you want to get this type of treatments. One place people went to for example was the shore located in the Dead Sea as you can obviously see it was filled with minerals that had a positive impact on people and their wellness.

What can I treat with this?  

People can treat all kinds of things such as skin conditions and arthritis. You obviously know that these are not the ultimate solutions for these health issues but, it definitely makes them a lot more bearable and in the long run the patient may perceive a positive change.

Now, if you are more into the conventional type of treatments, you can always resort to physical therapy if you are ever in need of resolving pain or discomfort in your body. There is a paramus physical therapy facility that is always recommended whenever you are in Bergen county and that is EDGE.


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